XDG would like to welcome SHEEP!

Today, we're excited to announce some changes to the XDG roster, including an addition that we feel will bring some new benefits to the team and our performance.

First, we'd like to welcome Jamie "Sheep" Gallagher to XDG! Sheep joins us from Curse Academy and achieved top five Challenger in solo queue playing support only within the first month of Season Four. Sheep will be taking over the support role.

Team member Chris "Zuna" Buechter has this to say about picking up Sheep: "We saw him playing in the NACL and really wanted to take a closer look. Sheep and I have practiced together, and I’m very happy with the results. He brings a new outlook to this team, and his mechanical skill combined with his communication makes for a strong bot lane. Jamie’s dedication and charisma are something we instantly noticed, and we can't wait to see what we can do for the rest of this split."

In addition to the new team member, Zuna will be returning to the role of AD carry with Xmithie back in the Jungle.

"Putting Xmithie into his original role will hopefully improve our early game and, combined with the addition of Sheep, will help us get back on the right track," says Coach Ken Buechter.

The team will be scrimming hard and working to build synergy with the new roles. We appreciate the fans who stand by us and keep the faith that we'll improve this season. We won't let you guys down!

We'd like to thank Nick Wu for stepping in and filling the role of Jungler last week. We appreciate and value him as an essential member of the team. Right now, we think moving Xmithie back to the jungle and Zuna back to AD carry is the best step for us to improve quickly,

Feel free to add our new player on Twitter, @xdgsheep, and welcome him to the team!